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2nd Transnational Meeting

Chios, Greece
February, 07 - 2022


(Greek zone)

16:00-16:30                        Evaluation of 1st Learning Training and Teaching Activity

16:30-17:00                        Evaluation of Training Activities

                                           • Students’ Questionnaire

                                           • Teachers’ Questionnaire


17:00-17:30                        Site of 3D4CE

17:30-18:00                       Dissemination of 3D4CE

18:30-19:30                       1st Round of students training activities

                                            • Sample Size

                                            • Students’ selection criteria

                                            • Structure and Syllabus of Training Activities

19:30-21:00                        Comments on Curricula 1 and Curricula 2

                                            • Determination of case studies

                                            • Determination of activities

                                            Choose Activities and describe the syllabus of these activities                                                      (i.e.Pop it, Robot Game, etc.)

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