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2nd Primary School of Chios

The 2nd Primary School of Chios (Greece), has a new, unified, reformatted, educational programme. It is a school of about 200 pupils and 25 educators open to society, new ideas and creative

knowledge. Our vision is to create learners open to diversity, to future challengesin order to became active global citizens of tomorrow. 

The 2nd Primary School of Chios has participated in various local, national and European projects. We have run a Comenius project (2010-2012 Social and civic competences for a European citizenship), two Erasmus+ projects (2016- 2019 Full STEAM Ahead for better education) (2019-2021 3D printing technology aims students understanding maths and recycling procedure) and e-twinning projects (penfriends, European chain reaction). 

We strongly believe in opening of the school to local and nation institutions in order to connect with the society and gain the learning benefits of it! A lot of actions are carried out in collaboration with experts, agencies of various organizations inside and outside of the school. We have cooperated with the Bureau of Archaeology, with the Aegean University and the “Maria Tsakos Foundation” in two pilot marine time projects entitled “Adopt a Monument” and “The Ship goes to School”.

As far as the areas of specific expertise are concerned, our school has a continuous collaboration with the Science Department of Education and the Center of Environmental Studies.

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In addition, every year the students take part in national competition of the Mathematical Society. Moreover, we participate yearly in a robotics competition run by our ICT teacher since January 2016. Furthermore, our teachers frequently attend to workshops and seminars in order to develop skills and gain knowledge to cope with the new teaching and learning challenges.

Over the last decade has carried out several environmental and cultural projects aiming to reinforcing pupils’ ecological habits and making them aware of our cultural heritage.

Furthermore, we have practiced the e-learning education applying several digital tools (padlet, google forms, interactive video, kahoot ,etc) and educational platforms like (e-class, eme, webex) during the covid- 19 pandemic period. The teachers have organized many digital lessons, activities and competitions in order to motivate students through distance learning.

Every classroom in our school is fully equipped with a laptop, a whiteboard, a projector and internet connection. Our ICT room is also equipped with all the necessary devices to support our educational programmes. Thanks to the Erasmus+ “3D printing technology aims students understanding maths and recycling procedure” our lab is equipped with four 3d printers to support the learning procedure. Our school also acquired 13 tablets that utilizes them in digital learning. Last but not least we have many Lego educative kits to apply robotics in class.

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