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2nd Primary School of Chios

During the first round of the activities of 3D4CE in our school the students had the opportunity to get familiar with the cultural heritage by using modern technologies of 3D printing. 

In more details 2 groups of students at the age of 8-9 years old and 10-11 years old worked with the curriculum of the program as a whole, but almost all the students took the chance to get involved with an activity or more. Activities were organized according to the intellectual outputs and the age of the group and took place from 15th of February to 30th of March 2022. 

The activities can be separated by those who were focused on the meaning, the categories and the characteristics of Cultural Heritage and those who were focused on the 3D-printing monuments, creating with the 3D-pens and 3D-printing techniques.  

The students got involved with many different ways of learning about local  cultural heritage. They walked around the city of Chios and took notes and photos of the significant monuments. They researched about the local history and played games with the categories of cultural heritage. They took roles with the storyline method and created mind maps with the new knowledge. They got familiar with national and international cultural heritage and the studied about the monuments and their history. 

The valuable knowledge of cultural heritage established by printing all these monuments that they studied by using the 3D-printers and their 3D-printing skills. They got creative with 3D-pens and they enjoyed the procedure and the results! 

The wide range of the activities was enriches with many more actions.  There were included a visit to the partner school of Agia Marina in Lesvos, a folklore exhibition, a visit at the partner QM lab of University of Aegean- the coordinator of the project-, a visit at Nea Moni and the folklore museum of Chios in Kalimasia, a stop-motion video, a board game with the map of Europe and the monuments, the creation of digital games and many more. 

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