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Output 3

Intellectual Output 3 is the ICT implementation and particularly the use of 3D printing, design, and scanning in the educational process of cultural heritage. The main goal of this output is to promote culture-based educational strategies that integrate digital and innovative educational tools to enrich social involvement and the cultural knowledge of the students.

3D printing has several benefits; it produces models with geometric complexity, it has very low start-up costs and it can be easily formed and customizable. 3D printing is a way of rapid prototyping with a wide range of materials that can be used during the 3D printing process. Output 3 aims to train teachers for using different digital tools in an effective, creative, and innovative way. Then, teachers learn students in turn how to use 3D printers, how to design and represent their ideas, and how to develop models by using 3D scanning technology, highlighting, and directing their interest in cultural monuments. Digital educational practices have been proved worldwide to be a highly useful tool with several benefits, as they stimulate educational communities to further interact, collaborate, communicate, and participate in the learning processes while at the same time supporting intercultural education principles.

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