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ISA13 Istituto Comprensivo di Sarzana

The information event organized by the ISA 13 Comprehensive Institute of Sarzana as part of the project entitled "3D 4CE - 3D Printing: a cultural accelerator in education" took place in recent days at the Firmafede Fortress. Over 200 people, including children, parents and teachers, visited the creative ateliers exhibited in the Sala delle Capriate. The project is funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus + programs, through the Hellenic Foundation for State Scholarships (Greece), coordinator of the project which also includes other kindergartens and primary schools in Greece and Portugal, in addition to the schools of childhood and primary education of ISA 13.


The Erasmus team of the Comprehensive Institute of Sarzana, led by the contact person for European projects, Veronica Giannetti, organized an event with laboratory spaces in which the children were able to experience the educational activities developed at school during this school year by the classes involved in the project. . The path, divided into 8 spaces (project presentation, 3D printer, cultural quizzes, development from 2D to 3D, knowledge of the artistic and cultural heritage through the best known monuments of the 3 countries involved, puzzles created with the 3D printer of the monuments studied, pens 3D, digital-interactive museum) involved children and parents, new to this type of approach that puts 3D printing at the service of culture. The event also closed the first phase of training for teachers and children, which began last November after the first international meeting which was held in Sarzana.

Soon, a group of teachers involved in the project will be welcomed in Portugal, in Leira, where Agrupamento de Escolas de Marazzes, partner school, will organize the second international meeting attended by some teachers representing each school.

During the meeting, in addition to taking stock of the situation and exchanging their experiences on the first training activity, the international project team will be laid for the second and last training activity that will start in the new school year.

As this European project wants, thanks to 3D printing, the children involved will be able to understand, study and create the cultural heritage monuments of the European Union countries, learning to know them and at the same time developing their creative and design skills. In addition to the cultural heritage of the three countries involved, in the second part of the project, a local monument will also be designed to be 3D printed and for the city of Sarzana it was chosen to reproduce the Sarzanello Fortress, as a symbol and promotional monument of the territory. The efficiency of transnational cooperation and the synergy between the different levels of education, essential elements of this project, has been be emphasized.

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