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Informative events

Cultural Center Paidi & Dimiourgia

The Informative Event at Athens took place in the establishment of the Cultural Center “Paidi & Dimiourgia”, on Monday, 31st of July 2023. Good weather allowed us to make the Event in our Cultural Center’s exterior space. The Informative Event’s goal was to inform our visitors (parents, and teachers alike) about the innovative 3D technologies, as well as the 3D4CE program’s contribution to introducing these technologies to an educational context. The Event started with greetings from the Cultural Center’s president, Mis Maria Maniati, and from the project’s coordinator and vice-dean of the University of the Aegean, Professor Mania Mavri, who connected through the Internet. Following that, the Event commenced with a demonstration of the 3D printer device and a technical explanation of its function. At the same time, our visitors had the opportunity to see and touch for themselves a variety of our 3D-printed creations, so that they could better understand how the sense of touch contributes to the educational process. Then, a PowerPoint presentation took place, concerning 3D technologies (printing, scanning, and designing), their potential, and their advantages, as well as their use in our Cultural Center’s educational programs. Emphasis was given to the importance of democratizing these new technologies through Education and in this context followed a brief presentation of our Cultural Center’s Educational Activities, both in our establishment and in the context of our educational visits to Primary Schools and Kindergartens of the wider area (including the regions of Agia Paraskevi, Cholargos, Gerakas and Kantza). This presentation was followed by the display of a video, concerning our Educational Activities in the context of our participation in the 3D4CE project, and the circle of the presentations was closed by a brief mention of the participation of the 3D4CE program’s partners in the Erasmus Days for 2022. After that, our visitors had a chance to examine for themselves the 3D-printed model of the Parthenon, the printing of which was completed by that time. The Event concluded with a fascinating discussion about the subjects that were presented, in which our visitors participated actively, by asking various questions and sharing their thoughts. At the same time, they could choose from a variety of drinks and snacks from our buffet. 

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