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Informative Events

2nd Primary school of Chios

During the second year of the 3D4CE Erasmus project, several actions to disseminate the program were implemented.

  • First, during the Christmas bazaar, parents were informed about the 3D4CE project and its objectives,  watching the printing process of a monument and a Christmas ornament. 

  • Secondly, students from other primary schools of Chios (11th primary School of Chios), but also from preprimary – kindergartens (2nd kindergarten of Chios, 6th kindergarten of Chios, Caramela private kindergarten) visited our 3D printing  laboratory to get to know the little secrets of 3D printing.

Last but not least, on the two days of June 14 and 15, 2023, the informative event about the 3D4CE project took place at the 2nd Primary School of Chios. Students and families were present, as well as teachers and representatives of the municipality.

The School Headmaster and the project coordinator, Sofia Varla, began by presenting the project and its objectives, highlighting the implementation of actions that aim to raise awareness of the importance of European cultural heritage through education. Furthermore there were presented the 3d-printed models of the monuments, the goals of the 3D4CE program and the results.

Teachers, participating in the project, presented the actions developed with the students, within the scope of the whole project, whose contents addressed the concepts of cultural heritage, the relationship between cultural heritage and history,  the use of 3D printing and scanning technologies.

The school's parents also participated in the process, trying out activities such as: 

  • knowledge games, 

  • programming games with the bee bot

  • 3d pens

  • 3d printing

  • 3d scanning

All the activities, the results, and the whole program have been posted:

on our school FB page 

On our website

On the website of the Ministry of Education

To support the activities, various dissemination material was prepared such as leaflets, roll-up banner,s and alike. 

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