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Paidi & Dimiourgia

The Cultural Center "Child and Creation" operates in the area of Art and Culture for children aged 2 - 18 years, but also for adults, where daily they can attend multidisciplinary programs (morning or afternoon), as part of experiential educational activities and workshops.

Center’s educational programs, activities and workshops, are designed and formed by specialized teachers and collaborators (kindergarten teachers, teachers, philologists, animators), have a wide and open theme, and are adapted to the age of children in organized classes and relate on many culture based activities (indicatively): music education (piano, guitar lessons), dance (traditional dances, modern, etc.), art workshops, museum education, acquaintance with popular culture (of our country and other countries), acting, theater, theatrical play, literature / fairy tale, music-motor education , yoga, literature, animation, chess, educational robotics, rhetoric, school study.

The Cultural Center "Child and Creation" aims to convey to children an interest in Culture and Art, to share experiences by proposing an alternative way of creative use of their time, in a space that provides them with confidence, security and respect for their personality, to help them appreciate their artistic heritage and culture and understand how Art contributes to Culture.

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