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Agia Marina School

The Agia Marinas’ school was established in 1952 as an elementary school and its is located in a small village called Agia Marina very close to the town of Mitilene in Lesvos island. A few decades later the St.Marinas nursery school took its place until nowadays. Its annual number of students is around 20 and there are 3 teachers, 2 in the mainstream class, one of whom works in the afternoon shift. In our school there is also a department for students with disabilities and special educational needs.

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The kindergarten of Agia Marina has participated in many educational, cultural and health programs throughout the years and has also collaborated with other local schools in such activities and e-twinning programs. It is the schools’ first participation in an ERASMUS program.

We strongly believe in broadening our horizons and our students’ future by creating new visions and turning them into great thinkers. Apart from collaborating with other kindergartens, we also work with many local institutions such as the Museum of Natural History in Sigri, the Byzantine Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Mitilene, also with the local authorities both of the town of Mitilene and also of the village of Agia Marina. The last few years our school has also carried out a few environmental programs both with the collaboration with professors from the Aegean University concerning the damaging use of the plastic objects in our lives but also with the Center of Environmental Education about the great number of rare kinds of birds and life that pass through the island of Lesvos in the wetland in Kalloni Bay. Last but not least we were given the opportunity to work with the Aegean University this time concerning the ERASMUS program that brings our school and our students close to new technologies such as the use the 3d printers and scanners.

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