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1 st Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

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In the framework of the Project "3D Printing: a Cultural accelerator for Education" were carried out online workshops between the partners: (a) the 1st Learning, Teaching and Training Activity of the Project (31 / 01-04 / 02/2022), as well as (b) the 2nd Transnational Meeting (07/02/2022). 

In these actions participated: the University of the Aegean as a leading body, the 2nd Primary School of Chios Greece which undertook the organization of the meetings, the Kindergarten of Agia Marina Lesvos, the Kindergarten of Archangelos Rhodes, the Cultural Center 'Child and Creation'  from Athens, the school Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes from Portugal and the school ISA13 Istituto Comprens from Italy. This Project has a direct impact on the local communities from which the above organizations come, as on the one hand the students of these educational units learn about the cultural heritage of their place, through the use of innovative technological applications, on the other hand the local cultural wealth is highlighted through its "export" to the other cooperating regions inside and outside the borders. 

For the optimal effectiveness of the Project during the weekly web meeting the following were formulated: 

1) the educational syllabus, with main pillars the concepts: 

i. of the cultural heritage, with emphasis on the local element, 

ii. of the 3D printing, with emphasis on all the necessary customized applications, as well as 

2) the implementation program. 

Issues of coordination of the Project were also discussed, such as the internal and external evaluation of the actions, the dissemination and promotion actions, the website of the Project (currently under construction), the terms of students' participation, as well as key milestones of implementation of the Program.

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