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Output 2

Intellectual Output 2 includes the curriculum for the cultural characteristics of the 6 European participants (Lesvos, Chios, Rhodes, Athens, Sarzana, Leiria) and focuses on 6 local cultural monuments. 

The goal of this output is to bring students closer to culture and to better understand the cultural heritage concept. The students’ task of collecting and recording their local cultural elements encourages them to act as 'new explorers' and learn about the history, the symbolism, and the value of their country’s monuments.

This Output aims to introduce students to the local, European, and world cultural heritage through a pleasant research process, with their teachers’ support, and through a digital educational trip that allows them to travel worldwide virtually, highlighting the local monuments of each country. The contribution and the role of both students and teachers at each participant school are crucial in this output. During the project implementation, students and teachers collaborate effectively to collect the necessary information and record all the cultural data, emphasizing their local culture.

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