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Informative Events

Kindergarten of Archangelos

Before the official press release that will be released tomorrow, we consider it our obligation, after yesterday's information event of the Project "3D Printing: a cultural accelerator in education" # 3D4CE, to express our heartfelt thanks:

• Charoula Giasirani, Deputy Regional Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the South Aegean

• George Patsais, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Unit of Archangelos & Planning

• Nikolaos Dimelis, President of the Community of Archangelos

• Maria Mavri, Vice Chancellor for Research & Lifelong Learning, University of the Aegean

who honored the event with their presence.

Next, we would like to thank our collaborators in this research project, who patiently and cheerfully attended the event on LIVE Streaming:

• Agrupamento des Escolas de Marrazes in Portugal

• ISA 13 Istituto Comprensivo Sarzana in Italy

• Cultural Center Child & Creation

• 2nd Primary School of Chios

• Kindergarten of Agia Marina, Lesvos

Our participation in this Erasmus meets the above with our expectations. The secret of the success of the program is hidden in the perfect cooperation, in the possibility of exchanging views, knowledge, and experiences with the University and the partners from Greece and other European countries.

After yesterday it became clear that in educational systems with different characteristics culture and technology can be a coherent and common link of communication code at the level of educational process even to young children and that when different educational levels work together miracles happen.

A big thanks to the coordinator of the program Mrs. Mania Mavri for the opportunity she gave us. Those of us who are lucky enough to work with her are really lucky. Excellent scientist and person.

A big thanks to Patricia Mazza

A big thanks you to the choreographer of the Cultural Association of Archangelos "Aithonas" Mr. Manolis Zervos 

Last but not least, thanks to our parents and children.


3D Printing a Cultural Accelerator for Education (3D4CE)

Moments from our wonderful trip:

Teachers: Vasiliki Geronta, Sevi Giorgou, Evi Gesiou

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