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Informative Events

Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes

On June 25, 2022, the informative event about the 3D4CE project took place at the Basic School of Gândara dos Olivais, Leiria, Portugal.

Students and families from schools in Coucinheira and Gândara dos Olivais were present, as well as teachers and representatives of the municipality.

The School Headmaster, Jorge Brites, and the project coordinator at AEM, Rosa Almeida, began by presenting the project and its objectives, highlighting the implementation of actions that aim to raise awareness of the importance of European cultural heritage through education, lifelong learning and 3D printing technology, as well as the fact that 3D printing is an innovative technology that encourages students to strengthen their skills and creativity, while increasing their ability to think, design and produce.

Teachers Pedro Carvalho and Sílvia Gaspar, responsible for the project in the schools of Coucinheira and Gândara dos Olivais, respectively, presented the actions developed with the students, within the scope of the 1st Round of Activities, whose contents addressed the concepts of cultural heritage, the relationship between cultural heritage and history, the typology of monuments, the use of 3D printing and scanning technologies.

In this event, the teachers participating in the project organized several workshops where parents and students could experience and watch activities such as:

- Traditional dances;

- Song sung in the 3 languages ​​of the project countries (Portuguese, Italian, Greek);

- Scanner and 3D printing;

- Works with 3D pens;

- Routes with robots;

- Painting activities;

- Playful activities.

From the high number of people who participated and the interest shown, we can conclude that this was a successful event!


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