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Informative Events

Agia Marina

The multiplier event at the school of Agia Marina took place on the 14th of June, 2022. To this event the school teachers invited:


  • Mr Myrogiannis, Eystratios, president of the community of Agia Marina 

  • Mrs Sika Chrysanthi, Coordinator of educational programs 

  • Prof. Mavri Maria, Project Coordinator

Invited speakers and specifically the participants of the program, made a brief introduction to the project's activities. Additionally, students had the opportunity to interact with students from Portugal and Italy, as they shared multiple activities around cultural heritage (such as songs).

Finally, the Mayor of Lesvos island Mr. Kitelis Eustratios had a short discussion about the project with teachers and the project's coordinator Prof.Mavri Mania.

Agia Marina Informativer event3.jpg
Agia Marina Informativer event4.jpg
Agia Marina Informativer event2.jpg
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