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3rd Transnational Meeting

Leiria, Portugal
June, 21-25 

In the week between June 21 and 25, Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes welcomed
teachers from schools in the partner countries of the Erasmus+ Project 3D4CE- Printing:
a Cultural accelerator for Education, from Greece (Chios, Athens, Lesbos, Rhodes) and
Italy (Sarzana), and was responsible for organizing the 3rd Transnational Meeting of the
Project. Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes was attended by 28 teachers from schools in the
participating countries. Throughout this week, in order to fulfill the work agenda, various tasks were carried out, such as:

  • -Presentation of the activities developed with the students as part of the 1st Round of

Activities, the content of which covered the concepts of cultural heritage, the
relationship between cultural heritage and history, the typology of monuments, the use
of 3D printing and scanning technologies.

  • Identification of specific monuments in each region of the participating countries

(where each school is located)

  • Presentation of the 3D4CE website and the project dissemination plan

  • Discussion of the 2nd round of activities (and their content) to be implemented with

the students.

  • Evaluation of the 1st year of project implementation


The partners had the opportunity to visit the city of Leiria, learn a little about our region

and our cultural heritage by visiting the Leiria Museum.
Finally, at Leiria Castle, they were welcomed by Councillor Dr. Anabela Graça, who had
the courtesy to surprise everyone with an excellent performance by the Community
school dance group!

It was a week of sharing, collaboration and great learning!


Agenda TPM Marrazes.jpg
Agenda TPM Marrazes 2.jpg
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