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3D4CE - 3D Printing: a Cultural accelerator for Education

“3D Printing: a Cultural accelerator for Education (3D4CE)” Project is coordinated by the University of the Aegean and funded by the European Programme Erasmus+, through the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY).

Technology, Education and Culture form a knowledge triangle. Technology nowdays seems to be the accelerator of cultural education. Children at very early age are notice the existence of technology through personal computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones. Both teachers and educational researchers state that technology assist pupils to reveal new horizons, to understand concepts, beliefs, attitudes, easier than previous years.

Our children live in a digital world overflowing with information and communication technology tools. Pedagogical use of digital technologies in preschool and primary school acquires wide use. However, the current pandemic of the COVID has highlighted the urgent need, to take actions in terms of digital transformation of education and training systems throughout Europe. Additionally, the COVID crisis particularly affects the cultural and creative sectors. 

The project also aims to support students: 

  • on the development of the ability of research and invest on culture and knowledge and 

  • in the transition to digital education through the use and familiarization of new digital technologies.

3D4C3 Project is taking actions that will help raise awareness on the importance of European cultural heritage through education, learning and participation of pupils in activities of manufacturing 3D monuments using 3D printing technology. 

With the help of 3D printing, pupils will be able to learn and create on their own, various cultural heritage monuments from EU countries, thus contributing to the dissemination and the promotion of culture among the collaborating institutions. 

3D printing is an innovative technology that will encourage pupils to increase their imagination and empower their skills and creativity as it increases their ability of thinking - designing and producing. Via 3D printing kids will learn the concepts of measure, scale, sketch, manufacture and they try to print small or large objects, identical objects, or objects with small differences from the initial object. 

Furthermore, in this project we are seeking to keep alive aspects of culture, which are slowly disappearing. The absence of cultural aspects implies changes to social economic and environmental conditions. It is important to use 3D printing and to teach children about different aspects of art, different civilizations, different structure of societies.

3D4CE will increase pupil’s imagination and encourage them to learn about the monuments and the culture of the 6 European regions using digital tools adapting to the new post COVID 19 era, promoting tradition and cultural heritage.

The scope of the current website is to provide information on the project’s main context, the identity of the consortium members, the main events, the respective curricula, the ongoing activities, the contact details, and the outcome of the project. Additionally, this website works as a platform of communication between the respective Partners.  

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